About Us

SKLPCC was formed in 1985 by a handful of very keen, passionate and enthusiastic members of the SKLP community.  The primary aim of the club since its inception has always been to nurture the untapped raw talent that obviously exists in the community.

The club joined the Middlesex Premier League for 4 seasons and were always in the running for the championship. In 1992 we joined the Middlesex County Premier League where we climbed the ladders of the divisions and made ourselves well known amongst the great clubs in the county. The mid-nineties were the beginning of real success for SKLPCC and throughout the next 7 years we  attracted many talented cricketers.

2002 saw SKLPCC take the bold step in moving from a 40 over Sunday cricket league to a 100 over Saturday cricket league. We made real progress in developing our cricketing talents, both young and old. It was at this moment that the club moved to its existing location at Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community Centre, Northolt and established the colts academy. Here, we have maintained a private cricket ground and facilities allowing our players to flourish and develop their cricketing skills to their full potential.

The club has taken huge leaps forward in its short history gaining Clubmark Accreditation from the ECB. We are a well known and well respected club amongst all involved with cricket in Middlesex.

For more information, please get in touch by filling in and returning a Colts Application Form or by contacting one of our team captains.

To view the club’s constitution, click here.


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