Saturday 1st XI

Match Results ...

Date Team V/s Team Winner Result
06/05/2017 Edmonton V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A
13/05/2017 SKLPCC V/s Ickenham N/A N/A
20/05/2017 Old Actonians V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A
27/05/2017 SKLPCC V/s Harrow N/A N/A
03/06/2017 Perivale Phoenicians V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A
10/06/2017 Crouch End V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A
17/06/2017 SKLPCC V/s Alexander Park N/A N/A
24/06/2017 Kenton V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A
01/07/2017 SKLPCC V/s Ealing Trailfinders N/A N/A
08/07/2017 SKLPCC V/s Edmonton N/A N/A
15/07/2017 Ickenham V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A
22/07/2017 SKLPCC V/s Old Actonians N/A N/A
29/07/2017 Harrow V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A
05/08/2017 SKLPCC V/s Perivale Phoenicians N/A N/A
12/08/2017 SKLPCC V/s Crouch End N/A N/A
19/08/2017 Alexander Park V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A
26/08/2017 SKLPCC V/s Kenton N/A N/A
02/09/2017 Ealing Trailfinders V/s SKLPCC N/A N/A


Saturday 1st XI home fixtures played at:

Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community (UK), West End Road, Northolt, UB5 6RE

For directions, click here

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